The Combination of a highly competent and experienced team together with the highest quality equipment will guarantee you, as a client, 100% satisfaction.


We have over 11 years of experience in advanced retouch and product photography . Our products received very positive feedback from our customers in Germany, Russia, Denmark, UK and Poland.


Our team consists of creative and unique professionals, who consider photography as their passion and a way of life. We believe that retouch is a new way of seeing the product in a different light. We are capable to take on any project, however big or small.


Currently we can offer three professional studios and a team of professionals specialising in retouch, new product creativity and photography. We are more than happy to discuss our clients’ suggestions and give professional advice, always with the client’s best interest in mind.



This simply means creating the full product concept from the beginning, all the way to the point the client has envisioned the product.

We avoid copying the ideas of others and focus on finding new ways of product photography. We strive to be ahead of the trends, offering a fresh approach.




We understand how important the presentation of the product is.

That’s why we always stick to the exact colours and details of the product.

Our motto is ‘Details create wholeness’. This is our strong belief and it defines our packshot.



We are a team of photographers and retouch specialists, with years of experience in working with even the most demanding of clients.

We know how to make the photos stand out. We pride ourselves on professionalism. Your photos seen with our imagination, with the best quality, always delivered on time and within the budget agreed.

We are reliable. Your vision, time, budget and satisfaction are our priorities.